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When selecting linux software there are many different brands, versions, features and costs. This section of the website helps to identify each type fo linux software with a detailed description and operating statistics. The types of linux solutions reviewed includes Linux Backup, Linux Security and Linux Data Recovery. One of the most popular is Linux Backup, as this is the best way to prevent data loss and protect yourself from security issues.

Linux for Desktop

Linux was traditionally used for servers but has expanded into desktop use due to the wide variety of applications possible.
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Linux for Servers, Mainframes and Supercomputers

Linux for Servers is one of the most popular platforms and operates 10 of the fastest super computers in the world.
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Linux for Embedded Devices

Linux is used for embedded devices.
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Linux for Market Share and Uptake

Linus is also used as an open source platform for market share and uptake.
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    What is a linux server, how does it work, who uses them, why are they used?

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