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Linux backup software doesn't have to cost you a fortune. In fact, there is a number of Linux backup software which is absolutely free, as well as being open-source and available to anyone with an Internet connection. While you may be uncomfortable backing up your system with freeware, it may be worth a try, given the high cost of many retail programs.

There are approximately seven main sources of Linux backup software. These include Time Vault, which is a Gnome-based Linux copy, whose software creates a digital "snapshot" of your hard drive, and can later be used to recreate the information and restore the files which might have been lost in a crash.

Another popular open source program is Flyback, whose unique architecture allows users to reload choice files and programs from an intuitive file manager, which is included in the download. This way, files which may be redundant or irrelevant can be excluded, saving you the trouble of deleting them after recovery. As a Linux backup software, Flyback is perhaps the most comprehensible for first time users.

Bacula and Amanda are two other forms of Linux backup software which are available at no cost to the user. With these programs, users are able to backup entire networks of Linux, including relevant tape drives, optic-disks, and other multimedia inputs. These are useful in a corporate or business setting, as users are able to create master backups from which they might more easily restore the entire network upon news of a crash. Imagine the time saved using this method as opposed to the tedium of manually recovering each and every computer's files over the course of a week or a month. Both are highly recommended by their users, but Bacula might be the more difficult to master of the two Linux backup software; those without previous Linux experience, according to the manufacturer, are advised to back up their systems with professional supervision if using Bacula, as it is a more difficult Linux backup software than a conventional tar or dump.

For those willing to spend a little money on Linux backup software, Barracuda Backup Service might do the job. This Linux backup software duplicates data at the block level to cut traditional backup storage requirements by almost 500 percent, while cutting backup windows and bandwidth requirements. The service's features include duplication, redundant disk-based storage, Web-interface management from multiple locations, and best-of-breed data retention policies, all at an affordable price, compared to other Linux backup software.

Whatever your decision, Linux backup software is a must if you are to have peace of mind. How often have your servers of hard drives crashed before you had reliable Linux backup software in place to restore them? It's happened to all of us, and in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment, the cost of not having a quality Linux backup software on hand can be tremendous. Don't wait. Act now. Your clients, co-workers, and loved ones will thank you.

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