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What is a Linux server? Linux servers are widely used throughout the Tech world and are among the most popular and reliable servers that exist. A recent report indicated that eight out of ten of the most reliable Internet hosting companies not only know what is a Linux server, but use these servers.

If you want to know more about what is a Linux server, you need to know they run on a diverse array of different computer architectures in devices that range from mobile phones to super computers. People who want to know what is a Linux server also should know they are scalable and available. Another aspect of what is a Linux server is that they have transparent architecture.

To understand what is a Linux server, you should know that they can be used in load balancing solutions. Services that understand what is a Linux server use these servers in scalable web, cache, mail, ftp, media and VoIP.

Knowing what is a Linux server also means knowing that they're available in a variety of different models. The price of a Linux server is a question that is frequently asked. Linux servers vary in price. The cheapest are close to $1000, while more deluxe models can cost up to $3600 or more. Linux makes rack mount servers that can be obtained in different models. Examples of what is a Linux server include performance servers, VMware servers, HPC and Blade servers, managed servers, NAS servers and DAS servers.

What is a Linux server and how much power do they have? Linux servers may be equipped with single core, dual core, quad core and eight-way processors. The more processors Linux servers are equipped with, the more computing power they'll be able to generate. Some servers are designed specifically for managed storage and network storage. These servers enable you to store and manage large amounts of raw data.

What is a Linux server in relation to cloud computing? Linux servers can be used as an inexpensive means of hosting cloud based applications.

Linux servers may be used by large enterprise-level corporations, tech firms, government organizations, medical facilities, academic institutions and large retail operations. Due to their versatility and reliability, servers made by Linux are preferred by many web hosting companies and other firms that provide critical computer and web architecture.

To know what is a Linux server, you must be aware that they are specialized devices. If you are looking for one, it's best to work with a provider that knows what is a Linux server.

To answer the question of what is a Linux server: it is a versatile server that can be used in home and enterprise desktop usage. They are also popular with many local and national governments. The government of Brazil, for example, runs completely on Linux. Currently, France and Germany are both aware of what is a Linux server and are moving towards adopting Linux on a national level.

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