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linux servers Linux platform computers security and data storage is very important. For most computer users, many important files are stored on a computer, from your music and photographs to emails, journals, and documents. Businesses and individual users alike need to perform Linux backup to prevent the atrocious loss of computer data. A variety of utilities for Linux backup are available on the market, depending on one's backup needs and available time and financial resources. Use the Knox Software website to learn more about linux security and keep your computers and servers locked up as secure as Fort Knox. We know that internet security is one of the most important factors to the success of an online business and our linux security resource articles and links will help guide you the being secure.

Linux Articles

  • Linux Products
    Learn about the different types of linux products: servers, software, security, applications and more.
  • Linux Online Backup
    How does an online backup of a linux server work, where are the files stored, what are the benefits of an online backup vs a hard drive backup?
  • What is a Linux Server
    What is a linux server, how does it work, who uses them, why are they used?

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